Artillery Rounds


Artillery Rounds

23x115 mm Round AP with Armour-Piercing Projectile


The Rounds are compatible with 23 mm GSh-23, GSh-23L, AM-23 and
GSh-6-23M Aircraft guns.

23x115 mm АP
Purpose To defeat ground unarmored and light armored vehicles and air targets
Weapon systems 23 mm GSh-23L, AM-23 and
GSh-6-23M Aircraft guns
Round length, mm  from 197.86 to 200.66
Round weight, g  331 approx.
Projectile weight, g  174 approx.
Average muzzlevelocity, Voaver, m/s  715
Average max Pressureat 15°C Pmaxaver, Mpa  294.2
Propellant type  4/7 Cgr
Case material  brass
Penetration*, mm at distance 200 m: 10 mm
Class of Hazard, UN number 1.2C, UN 0328
Operational temperature range, °C from minus 50 to 50
Shelf life in store conditions, if stored in the air-tight packing of the Manufacturer, provided that all handling and storage instructions of the Manufacturer are strictly observed, years 15
23x115 mm TP  
44 rounds in one airtight metal box, three metal boxes
(132 pcs totally) in a wooden case
Wooden case dimensions, mm 875x398x206
Gross weight, kg   61
Volume, m3   0.072

* Penetration test is conducted by firing at 10 mm armour plate, placed 200 m from the muzzle, at 60° towards the firing line and projectile impact velocity Vimpact=600±5 m/s.